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*****Wednesday September 28th, 2022******


861st  Membership Meeting

Ryan Collins


My Fishing Cape Cod

 15 Things You Never Knew, Striped Bass Can Be & Do 
Join Ryan Collins of for an evening of striped bass enlightenment! See the fish you love to catch from different perspectives using drones and underwater cameras! Discover intriguing striper behavior as these fish show us the incredible things they are capable of being and doing. From sniffing chunks before eating, to helping giant tuna feed on pogies, Ryan's presentation will be a fun way to appreciate the fish we all love and care so deeply about -

the amazing striped bass.

Grand RAFFLE Night Too! $1000+ in prizes

We look forward to seeing you, come learn with us!

MSBA has a new home at

The Sons of Italy

54 Whitman St

Weymouth MA 02189

** 2022 memberships are due, pay online here **

Don't forget to renew your fishing licenses

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striped bass plate image dec 19.jpg

2022 MSBA Officers

                                    Executive Board                                                    Board of Directors


Vice President:



Ray West  

Wayne Fiske

Norm Cohen

Jon O'Connor

Van Christie, Chairman

Mike Jones

Edward Tully

Van Christie

Wayne Fisk

Larry Colson

Ben Hall

Charlie Murphy

Robert Hendrickson

Objectives of the Mass Striped Bass Association:
The Objectives of this Association are; To promote and encourage interest in salt water sport fishing: to provide opportunities
for those interested in salt water sport fishing to gather for entertainment and good fellowship; to uphold sound conservation practices
and laws and to see that these laws are carried out by its members; to further good sportsmanship and to disseminate
information concerning saltwater Sportfishing both to Association members and others.

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