MSBA Annual Fishing Derby

Welcome to the MSBA Annual Derby
The Derby is open to all current MSBA members.
Please read below for specifics rules, details and dates for the derby as well
as for "special tournaments" held throughout the year in addition to the derby.

Derby Chairman: Jeff Rose


The derby is run from May 1st through Nov. 30th(Please note the "Special Tournament" categories for selected species and effective dates below)








Jeff Rose

Derby Chairman


  The fish must be weighed on a certified scale at any of a number of local tackle shops and an official weigh slip, provided by the Derby Chairperson at the monthly meetings or downloaded from this website must be filled out by the weigh station and must be postmarked and mailed to the chair within 7 days from date of catch. Emailed entries must be within 7 days from date of catch as well.

  All Striped Bass weighed in must be minimum 36in**( 2020 regulations not final yet 36in length subject to change) long to be counted, except fly rod Striped Bass, which is the current state legal length.


  Catch-Photograph-Release “CPR” category:   Fish must be measured from the tip of the lower jaw to the furthest tip of the fish. The picture must be clear and display the entire fish, plus the legible measuring device lying flat next to the fish. No more than 4 inches of any part of the ruler can be covered by fins.  No girth measurement is required. Round up the overall length to the nearest ½ inch.  In the event of a tie, weigh slip submission will determine the overall placement of a fish in the standings.

  The categories for the tournament are as follows: Men’s, women’s and juniors, largest striper surf, striper boat, bluefish surf, bluefish boat. There is also Kayak division with the same categories.


Largest weight for combined bluefish and bass(Woll award), largest bass caught by male ( Nolan Award), largest bass caught by female( Slagle Award), CPR longest bass ( Bob Pond Award),  CPR longest 3 bass combined(your longest entry per month)(Stetzko Award), largest Bass caught by senior (Cherico award), Largest weight for combined bluefish and striper fly rod( Stoloff award), longest CPR Fly Rod Bass, longest CPR        Fly Rod Bluefish will all be recognized.



             Recognition given out each month for the largest of each species, at the meeting.

  Beautiful plaques and trophies are awarded at the end of the season at our annual awards banquet in the early spring.



Special Tournament Dates


May 1 - 31


current state legal length



June 1 - 30


 current state legal length



August 1 - 31


 current state legal length




Please be sure to fill out your weight slips COMPLETELY before sending them in.
If any information is missing, like the type of fish, boat or surf caught etc, it could change
the final standings and may result in you not getting the full credit you deserve...


**CPR entries – check your Pictures, if you can’t read the length clearly, ruler is not flat next to fish, or a given area of the ruler has more than 4 inches covered by fins the entry will be disqualified.**



Acceptable Entry



















Not Acceptable



















Good luck and tight lines this derby season from the derby committee!!




Stetzko Award

*Your single longest CPR fish per month (1 per month) will count toward season long total, longest 3 fish total length wins combined category. EXAMPLE  you enter May 42", June 41", July None, August, 39", Sept 49", October and November None - So your 3 largest months total  42+41+49= 132 inches
























~ More Annual Derby Information ~


Annual Derby Perpetual Trophies & Plaques

Click here to view the trophies that remain at the club throughout the year that contain the names of the anglers from each year to achieve this award.


  Standings as of 5/4/2019

Bass Boat ( Men)



Bass Boat (womans)



Bass Shore (Men)


BlueFish boat (men)



Bluefish Boat (womans)



Bluefish Shore (mens)





Heaviest Combined

Bass & Bluefish



(Stetzko) 3 longest Bass Combined


Fly Rod Bass







2018 Annual Derby Results

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2016 Annual Derby Results

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2015 Annual Derby Results

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2014 Annual Derby Results

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2013 Annual Derby Results

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